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Some or all of the following criteria may be considered while selecting materials to be added to the collection.

  1. In general, materials selected for the library are designed to support the curriculum and are chosen as needed and in anticipation of future need. Occasionally other library materials may be selected to round out the collection in areas not specifically related to the curriculum.
  2. The authority of the publication or product will be noted. This may include an evaluation of the auspices of a publication and the background, reputation, and history of the publisher or producer of material under consideration. The selector may consider the qualifications of the author of the book or other library media.
  3. The scope of a product or publication shall be considered. The date of publication may be a factor in selection, as is the coverage or range of the subject and/or its limitations. The selector shall try to ascertain the purpose of the publication as stated by the author or publisher to see if that purpose fits the needs of the collection. Bibliographies found in library materials may be examined to see if they are current and reliable.
  4. The price of the material may be a factor. Some library materials are overpriced; the same or similar information may be available in more reasonably priced publications or products.
  5. The treatment of the material in a publication may be a factor in selection. The selector may examine the material for accuracy, objectivity, and style to see that it is suitable for inclusion in the collection.
  6. The arrangement of the material will be noted to see if it is suitable for reference or otherwise arranged to best present the subject matter to the reader or viewer.
  7. The format of the material will be noted. For example, bindings should be appropriate to the expected use of a book in the future. Some materials may be selected in paperback if the validity of the material is expected to be out-dated or obsolete in the near future. Illustrations should be considered. In some materials, color illustrations are important; in others, clear black and white images are satisfactory. Illustrations should be appropriate to the subject matter and placed next to the pages wherein the subject is discussed. Library and media materials should be pleasing to the eye to view or read; therefore, such items as size of print, clarity of images, and margins may be important. For web resources access, design, archiving, cost, licensing, and control should also be considered.
  8. Special features may be a consideration of selection. Access issues may be the reason for selection of one resource over another on the same subject. Useful appendices may also be another factor in choosing one resource over another.

You may recommend materials to the library. Librarians will apply the above criteria when considering your recommendation.

For more information on the library's collection development criteria, please see our Selection Policy.

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